Need urgent housing?
If you are in immediate danger Call 000.
Are you homeless or at risk of homelessness?
Free 24 hour phone line. Someone will take your call to get you help nearby. If after hours, they will refer you to the Salvation Army Crisis Services.
Are you escaping family violence?
Free 24 hour phone line. Someone will take your call from Safe Steps Family Violence Response Centre.
The Victorian Housing Register is where you can register for social housing in Victoria.

This means you can apply for both public and community housing at the same time

The register has two categories:

  • Priority Access: this is for people:
    • Who are homeless and receiving support
    • Are escaping or have escaped family violence
    • With a disability or significant support needs
    • With special housing needs.
  • Register of Interest: this is for all eligible applicants to register their interest in social housing.

Register with HousingVic online services via myGOV

Waiting list reports

Community housing applications are being transferred to the Victorian Housing Register. While this happens, there will be a different reporting process.

Once the register is fully in place, we will be able to report on the true number of social housing applications in Victoria.

Transition reporting process

While the Victorian Housing Register is being implemented, the waiting list reporting process will be different.

We have to transfer and sort more than 15,000 community housing applications, some of which could be duplicates, inaccurate or out of date. This process will take time.

During the transition, we will report on the progress of the transfer process.

The transition report will show the changes to Victorian Housing Register numbers while community housing organisation applications transfer to the register. You may notice some changes to the numbers throughout the transfer process.

During the transition, we will still report on application numbers by local area. The Victorian Housing Register and transfer list by local area report is based on where households currently live. In the past, this report was based on where people want to live.

Once the transfers are complete, we will continue to report on application numbers by local area, based on where people currently live.

At the end of the process, we will know the number of social housing applications in Victoria. We will also better understand the needs of people who have applied and be able to offer them more housing options.

Transition report

The Victorian Housing Register transition report shows the changes to register numbers while community housing applications are being transferred.

Victorian Housing Register and transfer list by local area

The Victorian Housing Register and transfer list by local area is updated every three months. It shows how many people are waiting to move and transfer to a social housing property.

If you are on the waiting list and have found suitable housing, let us know as soon as possible by contacting your local housing office.

What affects the waiting time of an application?

Wait times will  depend on your circumstances.  

Things that affect the length of time you may wait include:  

  • The preferred location that you have chosen
  • The number of applications already on the register
  • People who have demonstrated a housing need under one of the Priority Access categories
  • The number of homes in demand in a given area and how often properties become vacant 
  • If you have special location requirements or need a particular type of property (for example, one with modifications), it may take longer.