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HousingVic online services is where you can access your housing information securely using myGov.
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The Department of Health and Human Services has developed a range of online services to increase the ways in which you can communicate with the department. 

If you are a public housing renter, Victoria Housing Register applicant or RentAssist bond loan applicant, you can link HousingVic online services to your myGov account to access a range of housing services. 

Range of online services available

My Housing

My Housing is where you can view information about your current and past housing services with us, such as your:

  • Tenancy
  • Victorian Housing Register application 
  • Movable unit application 
  • RentAssist bond loan.

My housing features:

With My housing, you can view details about your housing application or tenancy service.

Information about your housing application includes: 

  • date your application was received
  • current status of your application
  • effective date of your application
  • household members on your application (if applicable)
  • approved bedroom size (if applicable)
  • local housing office managing your application
  • locational preferences 
  • current housing options
  • current / pending Special Accommodation Requirements for yourself and any other household member on your application (if applicable)

Information about your tenancy service includes:

  • tenancy start date
  • household members in your tenancy (if applicable)
  • rental and maintenance account status
  • local housing office name managing your tenancy
  • direct debit information
My Account

My Account is where you can view your housing payment information and transactions and request statements.

My account features:

  • View an account summary for your current or vacated tenancy or bond loan.
  • View your most recent transactions and keep track of your account balances.
  • Request account statements to be sent to your myGov inbox or another way you like to receive correspondence. 

Make a payment is a safe, secure and convenient way to make a payment on your tenancy or bond loan account.

Make a payment features:

  • Renters can make a payment on their current or previous tenancy account 
  • Residents (with consent of the renter) can make a payment on a current tenancy account (this does not mean the resident has property rights)
  • Bond loan clients can make a payment towards their bond debt
  • Use your VISA or Mastercard debit card to make a payment anytime, anywhere
  • Make your first payment online when you sign up to a tenancy.
My information

My information is where you can view and update some of your personal information.

My information features:

With My information, you can view:

  • Personal details, such as your date of birth, country of birth, language preferences
  • Contact details, such as your residential and postal address, phone numbers and email address
  • Consents, such as Centrelink Confirmation eServices consent and payment consent (if applicable)
  • Information about your current income source (for example Centrelink/Wages)
  • Information about your current supports (for example the support type, when it’s effective from and if you have consented for the department to send copies of letters to this support or not)

With My information you can update the following:

  • language preferences
  • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent
  • residential and postal address (if you are living in public housing currently you will not be able to update your residential address)
  • phone numbers
  • email address
  • Centrelink Confirmation eServices consent (if you have not already consented)

My information is also where you can view information about the members in your household:

  • if you are a renter in a current tenancy and/or a primary applicant you can view basic information about your household members
Digital mail

Digital mail is fast, convenient and a secure way to access your letters through your myGov inbox.

When you link your myGov account to HousingVic Online Services, you can:

  • Select to receive mail about your housing application, bond loan or public housing tenancy.
  • View and save your mail in your myGov inbox. 
RentAssist bond loan application

When you link your myGov account to HousingVic Online Services, you can:

  • Apply for RentAssist bond loan
  • View and save applications. 

For more information about RentAssist bond loan, see RentAssist bond loan.

Victorian Housing Register application

When you link your myGov account to HousingVic Online Services, you can:

  • Apply for public and community housing
  • View and save applications
  • Apply for a transfer if you are already a Victorian social housing renter.

For more information about applying for housing, see Social housing.

How to get access to HousingVic Online Services

Link HousingVic online services to your myGov account
  1. To login to myGov - go to the myGov website and sign in to your myGov account. Login via myGov.If you don't have one, you'll need to create an account. Create a myGov account.
  2. Go to ’Services’ - open myGov's 'Services' Section.
  3. Link online services - select 'HousingVic online services’. This will link it to your myGov account.
Register to access all online services

When you enter HousingVic online services, you will be asked to verify who you are. By completing the online identity verification process, you will be able to access all online services. If you do not register, you will only have access to apply for social housing or a RentAssist bond loan. 

How does online identity verification work?

  • From the HousingVic Online Services screen you will be asked to verify who you are by answering a series of questions relevant to your DHHS housing services.
  • After answering the questions correctly you will be sent a verification code either to your email or mobile by sms.
  • Once you enter the verification code in the HousingVic Online Services screen, you can then consent to receive your correspondence via Digital mail delivered to the myGov inbox.

If online identity verification is not possible or you are registering in person at a DHHS housing office you must complete the following steps:

  • Provide 100 points of identity - examples of the types of documents accepted can be found on Proof of identity.
  • A housing staff member will then provide you with a unique client identification number and a verification code which will be sent to your email or mobile by sms.
  • Once you have entered both codes in the HousingVic Online Services screen, you can then consent to receive your correspondence via Digital mail.

More information 

Supported browsers

When using HousingVic Online Services it is important to have the most current version of the browser you are using updated on your computer. You can use one of the following browsers:

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari

MyGov assistance

For any issues encountered with access to myGov:

HousingVic Online Services

For assistance with any of the HousingVic Online Services tools or if you have problems completing the online registration process, please call the help desk on 1800 961 883 (9.00am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday).

  • Request a statement of their account
  • Grant a resident consent to make payments
  • Make a payment online