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Each applicant's income and assets must be within the income and assets limits to be eligible for a bond loan

If you or an applicant receive any income from Centrelink, you can give us permission to check your information using Centrelink Confirmation eServices. The permission form for this is in the bond loan form.

If you use this service, you will only need to give us documents about any property assets that you own or part-own.

If you don't use the Centrelink service, we need one of these documents as proof of each applicant's income:

  • A letter (that is less than two weeks old) from Centrelink or the Department of Veterans' Affairs
  • A wage statement from your employer
  • A 13-week profit and loss statement (if you are self-employed).

You must also give us documents about assets that each applicant owns.

For other eligibility criteria, see RentAssist bond loan eligibility.

Weekly income limits

These limits are effective from 1 April 2024.

The weekly income limits are:

HouseholdWeekly amount
Single person$633
Family (one or two parents) with one dependent child$1,134
Family (one or two parents) with two dependent children$1,174
Family (one or two parents) with three dependent children$1,214 + $40 for each extra child

If a single parent has regular access visits from their children for at least 21 per cent of the year, the relevant 'Family with dependent children' income limits apply.

These limits go up by 1.1 per cent every six months on 1 April and 1 October. This is to reflect increases in the general cost of living.

Asset limit

This asset limit is effective from 1 April 2024.

The asset limit for the bond loan scheme is $14,709.

Centrelink maximum weekly rent assistance

To be eligible for a bond loan, your weekly rent cannot be more than 55 per cent of your total gross weekly income.

We use the maximum rent assistance from Centrelink that you may be eligible for to calculate whether the rent charged is up to 55 per cent of the household's income.

Single person, no dependent children$94.10
Couple, no dependants$88.60
Family (one or two parents with one or two dependent children)$110.60
Family (one or two parents with three or more dependent children)$124.95
Group households$62.74