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These movable units are self-contained units that can be set up in the backyard of a friend or relative's home. The units are a type of public housing.

About public housing movable units

Public housing movable units are mainly for older people and people with a disability or support needs so they can live independently. The units are self-contained and can be set up in the backyard of a friend or relative's home.

One or two people can live in the units, which have:

  • A bedroom
  • An ensuite bathroom and toilet
  • A living room
  • A kitchen.

Two-bedroom units can be used by:

  • Households that need separate bedrooms
  • Single people that need another bedroom for medical reasons.

What are the requirements?

  • The main house must be occupied
  • The units cannot be attached or joined to the main house
  • The size or the structure of the units cannot be changed.

Am I eligible for a movable unit?

You can rent a unit if you are a permanent Australian resident and:

  • Are over 55 years of age
    Receive at least $1.00 of an Australian Disability Support Pension
  • Meet social housing income and asset limits for Register of Interest in Victoria. See Social housing eligibility for more information on income and asset limits.
  • Receive ongoing support from us or a registered community service provider
  • Agree to repay any money that you owe from a previous public housing tenancy or bond loan.

Each applicant must sign a statutory declaration confirming the value of their assets, including property and cash.

To find out what other housing options you might have, use our housing options finder.

How long will I have to wait for a movable unit?

It usually takes around three to six months to install a movable unit after we approve the application and check that the site is suitable.

The amount of time you wait also depends on the type of movable unit and any council requirements for placing the unit.

What happens when I don't need the movable unit?

We remove the unit when you don't need it any more. For more information, see Transferring or moving out on the design and layout of movable units page.

How much rent will I pay?

In a movable unit your rent is called a hiring fee. Your hiring fee will be around 25 per cent of your total income.

How do I apply for a movable unit?

For step-by-step information, see Applying for a movable unit.

If you have more questions, contact your local housing office or call us on 1300 475 170 (local call within Victoria).