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There is more than one person involved in an application for a movable unit.

Before you apply, make sure you are eligible for a movable unit. See Public housing movable units to find out if you are eligible.

Who is involved in a movable unit application?

  • Property host: the person who lives in the main house where the movable unit will be. They can own or rent the house or live in public housing
  • Applicant: the person who will live in the unit (the 'occupant')
  • Household member: another person that will live with the applicant in the unit.

How to apply for a movable unit

1. Fill in the application for a movable unit

The property host fills in the application for a movable unit (.doc) form.

2. Provide documents about the main house

If the main house is public housing

The property host only needs to give us proof of their identity.

If the main house is either owned or being rented

The property host needs to give us:

  • Proof of their identity - see the application form for a list of what we need
  • Copy of the property sewerage plan with plan number - this is available from the local water authority
    If the house has a septic system, we need:
    • Written advice from the council that a unit can be connected to the existing system
    • Written confirmation that the property host will pay if the system needs an upgrade
  • Current copy (less than three months old) of the certificate of title - this shows the property's owner, plan of subdivision number and any registered caveats, covenants, notices and agreements.
    If the owner has recently bought the property and their name is not on the title, they need to provide settlement documents
  • Description of any caveats, covenants, notices and agreements – these are registered on the certificate of title
  • Current copy of the plan of subdivision – this is needed for planning permits.

If the main house is rented

We also need written consent from the owner saying the movable unit can be built on the property.

3. If you have special housing needs for health reasons – fill in the application for special housing requirements

Fill this in if the applicant or a household member will need changes made to the unit or a two-bedroom unit for medical reasons.

Movable units can be modified for wheelchairs and other special housing needs.

We cannot make modifications that affect the unit's structure, like:

  • A bath or hip bath
  • A hoist
  • Reducing or enlarging the size of unit.

The applicant (or household member) fills in this form with their treating health practitioner or support worker:

4. Provide documents about the applicant (and any household member)

Page two of the movable unit application form lists the documents you may need to include.

The applicant and any household member will need to include proof of:

  • Identity - see proof of identity for a list of documents you can use
  • Australian residency - this could be a citizenship certificate, visa, passport or a letter from the Australia Department of Immigration and Border Protection
  • Income - there is a list of documents you may need to include on page six of the Guide to applying for a movable unit
  • Assets - for more information, see page seven of the Guide to applying for a movable unit.
5. Submit the application

Take the signed forms and documents we need to your local office.

All of these forms are available on this website or from your local office.

What if I need help to apply?

The Guide to applying for a movable unit (.docx) has information to help you, including the documents and information you need to include.

Contact your local housing office if you:

  • Want application forms sent to you

  • Need to clarify the application form or documents

  • Need a telephone interpreter.

What happens next?

Once the application is approved we contact the property host to:

  • Arrange a site inspection

  • Talk about where to build the unit.

If the property is suitable for a movable unit, we prepare a site plan for them to sign.

The property host and applicant sign and return the Hiring agreement which sets out the terms, conditions and responsibilities about the movable units hire.

It usually takes around three to six months to build the unit after the site is assessed as suitable.

When can I move in?

We contact the applicant to arrange an inspection of the unit.

Your local office will make arrangements with the applicant to sign the Notice of tenancy commencement and hand over the unit and keys to the applicant.

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