Victoria in Bloom garden competition

Last updated: 26 April 2018

Victoria in Bloom recognises and rewards the great work of gardening enthusiasts living in public or community housing.

It’s a way of saying thanks to tenants for their hard work to create and maintain amazing gardens that contribute to the communities they live in.

Tenants can enter all types of gardens - from balconies, to back yards and community gardens. No garden is too big or small.

There is no age limit either, with the Best Young Gardener category opening doors for under 25s who enjoy gardening or are thinking of a career in this field.

The award categories for 2017-18

  • Best Balcony Garden - Gardens which are on a balcony space.
  • Best Small Enclosed or Container Garden - Gardens which are enclosed, such as courtyards, or gardens made up of potted plants.
  • Best Household Garden - Front or back gardens which are larger than a courtyard.
  • Best Edible Garden - Gardens where most of the plants are fruit, vegetables and herbs.
  • Best Sustainable Garden - These gardens focus on being environmentally sustainable. They may include features like compost, water tanks, worm farms, mulch and drought-tolerant plants. Often commercial pesticides are not used.
  • Best Common Area Garden - These gardens are in common areas, meaning they can be accessed and used by all the residents on a property. They are often part of an apartment or unit complex.
  • Best Community Garden Plot - These gardens are shared by a group of people. A single plot within a community garden can only be entered in this category.
  • Best Young Gardener (up to 25 years of age) - To enter this category, young gardeners must play an active role in gardening – either at home, or in a community or school garden.

How to enter

Entries closed on Friday 1 December 2017.

How is the competition judged?

We judge the competition in two stages - first by division (North, South, East and West) and then state wide. Winners in each division go on to be finalists in their category for the state-wide competition.

2017-2018 Vic in Bloom award winners

  • Best Balcony Garden: Andie Sweeney, Shepparton
  • Best Small Enclosed or Container Garden: Irene Mee, White Hills
  • Best Household Garden: Tom Cipriani, Shepparton
  • Best Edible Garden: Gary Pickett, Point Lonsdale
  • Best Sustainable Garden: Ron Cruse, Sea Lake
  • Best Common Area Garden: Helen Rauschenbach, Moyhu
  • Best Community Garden Plot: John Sharpe, Coburg
  • Best Young Gardener: Brock Van Duinen, Shepparton

The Gardener of the Year award winner was selected from the winners of the general award categories.

The 2017-2018 Victoria in Bloom Gardener of the Year is Helen Rauschenbach for her efforts creating a colourful and tranquil common area garden for local tenants to enjoy.

What does an award winning garden look like?

Have you ever wondered what makes an award winning garden?

Have a look at the community garden that earned Dennis Troedel the 2017 Vic in Bloom Gardener of the Year award. You can also read the video transcript (.docx).

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