Private rental

Last updated: 14 July 2016

What is private rental?

Private rental is housing that is available in the private rental market. It covers a range of housing types, including houses, apartments and caravan parks.

Private rental options

There are a number of options depending on what you need.

  • Houses, flats, apartments and townhouses: These are usually found through newspaper, online and real estate agent listings. See Finding a place to rent for some tips
  • Student housing: This housing is mostly provided by tertiary institutions. Check university or TAFE websites and noticeboards to see what's available. See the Tenants Union of Victoria website for information about student housing
  • Rooming houses: Always check that a rooming house is registered before you sign an agreement or move in
    Read more about rooming houses on the Consumer Affairs website. Consumer Affairs Victoria's website also has a full list of rooming houses
  • Caravan parks: These can offer low cost shorter term accommodation. Contact caravan parks in the area you want to live to find out what they offer and the costs
  • Sharing: Consider sharing a place with someone else, like a friend. That way you can share the rent payments and other bills. Youth Central website also has information on sharehousing.

Getting a private rental property

Our section for private renters and renting has information and services to help you get into and stay in private rental.

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