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Last updated: 4 August 2017

We are working hard to make sure the increasing number of disadvantaged Victorians can access secure, affordable and safe long-term housing.

The Public Housing Waiting and Transfer List June provides the most recent quarterly indicative waiting list statistics by area. Also included here is the transfer list which includes people who are currently living in public housing but have applied to transfer to a new public property.

The Victorian Housing Register means that Victorians only have to apply once for social housing instead of applying to multiple housing organisations.

It is a fairer, simpler system that means people applying for social housing in Victoria will have more housing options.

The Victorian Housing Register will provide an easy way to apply for social housing and an accurate view of the number of applications.

Currently 85,000 households live in social housing – that’s over 165,000 people.

But as the Victorian Housing Register figures show this still is not nearly enough. That is why we are continuing to grow and renew social housing stock to house people who need housing assistance and reduce the amount of time they spend homeless or in inappropriate housing.

We are also working with our partners in the community housing sector, on initiatives like the Victorian Housing Register, to continue to grow their stock so that people applying for social housing have more options in the type of housing they can access.   

Transition reporting process

From next year, the Victorian Housing Register will provide a true picture of the total number of applications for social housing in Victoria.

While the Victorian Housing Register is being implemented a transition reporting process has been established.

The transition reporting process will show changes to the Victorian Housing Register numbers during the transfer of community housing organisation applications to the register. You can see the Victorian Housing Register tranisation report for the latest numbers.  To understand how this new reporting process works see the Victorian Housing Register Transition report explained (.pdf).

The transition process may result in fluctuations to the numbers. This is because we have to transfer and sort more than 15,000 community housing applications, some of which could be duplicates, inaccurate or out of date.

As well as the transition report, we will still report on application numbers by local area. This report now shows where the household is currently living, rather than where they want to live as was done in the past.

The area based format will continue to be published throughout the transfer, which when finished, will provide a true reflection of the number of social housing applications in Victoria. This means that we will know exactly what the needs of applicants are and can provide them more housing options.

More accurate and reliable data of all the agencies involved in housing and homelessness services will help us to make sure that we meet the needs of vulnerable Victorians.

Waiting list reports

The Victorian Housing Register transition report shows the changes to register numbers while community housing applications are being transferred.

The Victorian Housing Register and transfer list by local area is updated every three months and shows how many people are:

If you are on the waiting list and have found suitable housing, let us know as soon as possible by contacting your local office.

What affects the waiting time of an application?

Wait times will  depend on your circumstances.  

Things that affect the length of time you may wait include:  

  • The preferred location that you have chosen
  • The number of applications already on the register
  • People who have demonstrated a housing need under one of the Priority Access categories
  • The number of homes in demand in a given area and how often properties become vacant 
  • If you have special location requirements or need a particular type of property (for example, one with modifications), it may take longer.

Preferred location lists

You cannot choose a specific suburb to live in. This is because social housing properties are grouped into areas.

Preferred areas are made up of neighbouring suburbs and towns that are linked by public transport.

You can choose up to five waiting list areas to live in. We may offer you a property in any suburb from these areas.

You can change your preferred areas if you need to while your application is on the waiting list.

See the list of Victorian Housing Register areas (.doc) to help you choose.

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