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The Victorian Government has announced reforms to make renting fairer for Victorian renters.
Young family outside their home

More than one in four Victorians rent. The proposed rental reforms will give renters more rights, help them stay on longer leases, make bonds smaller and fairer, and crack down on dodgy residential rental providers.

Every renter will have the right to own a pet. Residential rental providers will still have to give consent; but they only will be able to refuse in certain circumstances.

It will be easier for renters to make minor modifications, like installing hooks for picture frames.

Renters will also have more rental security:

  • Rental increases will be limited to one a year
  • Residential rental providers will no longer be able to end a tenancy for ‘no specified reason’
  • Residential rental providers will only be able to use an ‘end of fixed term’ notice to vacate at the end of the first fixed term.

Other changes include:

  • A crack down on rental bidding
  • Faster reimbursements for rentals who pay for urgent repairs
  • Where the rent is less than twice the median weekly rent (currently about $760 per week), bonds and upfront rent will be capped at one month’s rent
  • Renters will be able to apply for return of the bond without written consent from their residential rental provider.

A residential rental provider and estate agent blacklist for renters will be created to crack down on dodgy residential rental providers.

A new Commissioner for Residential Tenancies will be set up to champion the rights of Victorian renters.

The process to amend the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 for these changes is underway.

Visit the Rent Fair website for more information about the proposed changes. Share your thoughts using the Making rent fair online form.