Victoria's blooming best revealed

Last updated: 19 April 2018

The gardening talents of Victoria’s public and community housing tenants were celebrated at a special awards ceremony on Thursday 19 April.

The Victoria in Bloom garden competition always brings out Victoria's best

Parliamentary Secretary for Energy, Environment and Climate Change Anthony Carbines was joined by Tim Entwisle, Chief Executive, Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, to announce the winners of the 2018 Victoria in Bloom garden competition.

There was an impressive variety of gardens in this year’s competition – from balconies overflowing with coloured blooms to drought tolerant, hardy gardens in the state’s drier regions.

More than 200 tenants entered the competition that celebrates the outstanding efforts of social housing tenants to create beautiful gardens and communities.

The judges were impressed by the creativity in the gardens, and the time and energy spent by tenants to create vibrant, wonderful outdoor spaces.

Helen Raunschenbach from Moyhu in North East Victoria was awarded the overall Gardener of the Year award.

Helen has created a large open, tranquil space for all tenants to enjoy. She uses compost, green waste and recycled items in the garden which features walking paths, colourful plants, a fish pond and seating for tenants.

The common area garden created by Victoria in Bloom's 2018 Gardener of the Year
The best common area garden, created by Victoria in Bloom's Gardener of the Year

The other Victoria in Bloom award winners for 2018 are:

  • Best Balcony Garden: Andie Sweeney, Shepparton
  • Best Small Enclosed or Container Garden: Irene Mee, White Hills
  • Best Household Garden: Tom Cipriani, Shepparton
  • Best Edible Garden: Gary Pickett, Point Lonsdale
  • Best Sustainable Garden: Ron Cruse, Sea Lake
  • Best Common Area Garden: Helen Rauschenbach, Moyhu
  • Best Community Garden Plot: John Sharpe from Coburg
  • Best Young Gardener: Brock Van Duinen, Shepparton

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