Frances Penington and Molly Hadfield awards

Last updated: 9 December 2016

These awards publicly acknowledge an individual tenant or a group of tenants who contribute to their community.

Frances Penington Award

The Frances Penington Award celebrates an individual public or community housing tenant, or a group of tenants, who have made an outstanding voluntary contribution to their community.

The award honours the late Frances Penington who, as a Commissioner of the Housing Commission, was the first woman appointed to the board of a statutory authority in Victoria. She was also a strong advocate for women in housing estates and was active in building and supporting the tenant community and sparking community involvement.

2016 award winner

Marlene McKay

Marlene has been a part of the Park Towers Housing Tenants Association for over 25 years. In that time she has been the group's Secretary and occasional Chair.

She is a long-standing advocate for the interests of the tenants on the Park Towers estate in South Melbourne.

Marlene has developed information in languages spoken by the local tenants and trained and mentored many tenant volunteers.

She has also led the development and upgrade of the estate's community facility and motivates and organises community events.

In addition to her strong commitment to the tenants of Park Towers, Marlene has helped other tenant associations in the southern suburbs.

This award recognises Marlene's commitment to bettering the lives of people living at Park Towers and her high regard in the South Melbourne community.

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Molly Hadfield Award

The Molly Hadfield Award honours outstanding services to older tenants.

The award is named after the late Mary (Molly) Hadfield OAM, who was a dedicated advocate for public housing tenants. She was also a founding member of the Housing for the Aged Action Group, which formed in 1983.

2016 award winner

Let’s Get Together Group

The Let's Get Together Group was formed in 2003 when older community members saw the need for local activities and outings in Shepparton.

With initial funding from the Mental Illness Fellowship, the group has gone on to successfully raise funds and form financial partnerships with local businesses. The group has also expanded its activities and fundraising to regional towns.

It holds popular community barbecues every eight weeks. Up to 60 people attend, including residents from local aged care services.

The group, which won the 2014 Shepparton Volunteer Team Award, held its 100th barbecue in June 2016.

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